Packaging for the Most Challenging Shipments

Published: Apr 3, 2017
Understanding key issues and new developments

As the pharmaceutical industry’s global development accelerates, demands on temperature-controlled shipping are increasing. The greater range of temperatures expected by manufacturers, extended shipping distances and regulatory and customs complexities contribute to an evolving landscape.

These new and growing requirements sometimes exceed the capabilities of existing packaging and transport solutions. When the implications of a failed shipment include the postponed completion of a trial, delayed patient access to life changing treatment and significant financial cost, the logistics industry must innovate solutions that meet the shipper’s expectation of no acceptable loss.

World Courier has published 'Packaging for the most challenging shipments', a guide to the technologies and services that manufacturers are using to ensure successful temperature-controlled delivery under the most challenging conditions. Highlights include:

  • An exploration of the changing cost model
  • Solutions for temperature controlled shipping
  • Researching, engineering and optimizing better solutions through CORE labs
  • Cocoon: a new generation of passive solutions
  • Packaging: just one component of a secure temperature-controlled shipment

To find out why key issues and new developments in packaging matter to you, download the e-book today.