Shipping with Active Packaging Containers

Published: Apr 1, 2014
Three Pre-Flight Decisions That Impact the Success of High-Value Global Shipments

Wrong choices when it comes to product quality can result in significant product and financial loss, disrupt the supply chain and production schedules, expose unnecessary risk and jeopardize patient safety. This white paper examines three key factors that can help shippers optimize global temperature-controlled pharmaceutical distribution.  

This white paper will discuss:

  • Benefits of active container systems
  • Mitigating risks and human error
  • Evaluating transportation partners
Patty Santopadre
Patty Santopadre
Manager, Active Systems Team
World Courier

Patty Santopadre is the active systems team manager, serving as the primary resource throughout the World Courier company network for the handling of active systems. She also plays an integral role in shaping policy for the use of these systems globally. With World Courier for 14 years, Santopadre has more than 34 years of air transport experience.