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3PL serialization services

DSCSA 3PL inbound and outbound support

The Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) ushered in a number of regulatory mandates that have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Serialization creates unprecedented challenges for pharmaceutical companies as they relate to scalability, technology infrastructure, and operational protocols. For this reason, it’s critical manufacturers partner with an experienced ally that can support serialization efforts today and tomorrow.
Serialization Equipment

For more than two decades, ICS has served its clients as a valued consultant in stringent regulatory matters

Our system architecture is 100 percent compliant with DSCSA serialization requirements, and we support manufacturers with both inbound and outbound services. Our deep experience and knowledge have shaped a suite of scalable solutions for a secure supply chain, including:
Secure supply chain
We currently maintain all data fields to meet product transaction history, transaction information, and transaction statement for DSCSA lot-level requirements. We also support a transaction record retention policy of 7+ years (DSCSA requires 6 years).
Inbound/outbound services 
Informed by years of continuous improvement, our 3PL serialization process supports inbound receipt of serialized product and data via EPCIS, aggregated shipment receipt and verification, and inbound exception handling and reconciliation. We have the capability to scan, aggregate, and send EPCIS data to major wholesalers and trading partners, along with outbound exception handling and reconciliation.
Enhanced serialization solutions
Select ICS distribution centers perform serialization commissioning, verification, aggregation, and printing. Our flexible configuration meets various sizing requirements.
Reporting and integration
Through a secure verification portal, ICS offers clients 24x7 access to transaction history, transaction information, and transaction statement information. We support EDI 856 ASN mapping for over 25 drug wholesalers and third-party vendors.

Racking infrastructure of our Louisville Distribution Center


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