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Ensure Product Quality and Integrity to Improve Access to Critical Therapies

An unbroken temperature chain is essential to both patient safety and product success — and it demands flawless execution in everything from the transport route selected to how the packaging is evaluated, validated and used to maintain product integrity across all conditions.

Our in-house temperature-control specialists and dedicated experts at CORE Labs work closely with customers to recommend science-led and data-driven packaging solutions that deliver desired temperature ranges while staying within the confines of a budget. And our state-of-the-art climate chamber out of CORE Labs ensures we are on top of supply chain trends and constantly innovating to help you save time, reduce cost and ensure optimal security.

Whether you require an active, passive system or a trusted partner to help you choose the right packaging for your unique needs, we have the experience and solutions to make sure it’s implemented correctly. From dry ice and gel packs to phase change materials and liquid nitrogen — or anything else you may require — we have the expertise and confidence to turn impossible solutions into routine.