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Expedite. Enhance. Improve.

World Courier improves trial performance and integrity with inventory management technologies that expedite the global clinical trial process. World Courier pioneered the development of an advanced technology to streamline the management of clinical trial logistics. Unparalleled within the industry, our innovations provide the tools you need to manage your study with precision — from the pre-trial phase right through to your last shipment.

With Bio-STARSM, World Courier can proactively anticipate and prevent costly transportation problems that are often unavoidable when conducting studies. The technology allows us to:

  • Ensure that proper permits, site instructions and supplies are in place before the study begins
  • Coordinate site logistics to minimize transit time from draw to assay
  • Effectively manage changes in protocol and site information during the course of the study
  • Provide customers and our staff with real-time access to protocol and site-specific details
  • Supply customers with a variety of automatic email alerts
  • Create protocol-specific shipping instructions in any language

Improving product access with timely delivery demands innovative inventory management and tracking technology. With this in mind, World Courier developed CTM-STARTM, our proprietary inventory management and stock control tool, to ensure that all materials arriving or exiting investigational drug depots are fully traceable. CTM-STAR offers:

  • Remote access anytime, anywhere for products in any of our 13 depots
  • Visibility to stocks per protocol, stocks per site and recalled study drugs and distribution shipments to sites
  • Access to source documents

Auto Alert
Once a shipment has been picked up from a clinical site, you can receive automatic email notification containing complete flight details and the expected delivery time. Auto Alert can also be programmed to provide instantaneous delivery notification, including the time/date of delivery and the name of the individual who signed for the shipment. Regular email updates allow you to check delivery times against laboratory results, while providing you with an excellent tool to measure our service performance.

Real-time Tracking
Using a secure extranet system that links World Courier offices worldwide, you will know exactly where your shipment is throughout transit. By logging onto the tracking feature on our homepage, you can instantly review the transit status of any shipment by protocol number, account number, waybill number, origin, destination or pick-up date. Once delivered, our tracking system confirms the time of delivery and the name of the individual who signed for the shipment.