Leverage the power of our global network to optimize your supply chain.

World Courier ensures a consistent customer experience around the globe, with a network that comprises nearly ten times that of other specialty couriers. With local employees in every market to deal efficiently with transport complexities and the ability to communicate directly with shippers and consignees in their own languages and time zones — plus comprehensive training programs — it’s no wonder that World Courier occupies the position as pioneer and leader in specialty transport.

The power of our global network means peace of mind in transport management, confidence in increased operational efficiency and an enhanced distribution strategy.

No other specialty logistics company can match our breadth:

  • 2,500+ associates in local markets
  • More than 140 company-owned offices globally
  • Operations in 50+ countries
  • 14 strategically located depots around the world
  • The power of our network—one shared vision of service