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Inventory management

Seamless technology integration that elevates your practice

We know no two practices are identical. Our inventory management solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs of your specialization and market. Our systems seamlessly position payment reconciliation and inventory control within a secure supply chain. They help you streamline workflow, reduce waste, and increase profitability while integrating with your existing infrastructure. Most importantly, they give you the time to focus on what really matters: providing patients with the best support possible. 


PODIS Plus was designed to support your entire practice by helping you master your inventory, payments, and everything in between. Easily manage supply across multiple locations, get useful insight into your practice with robust reporting, verify billing efficiently and effectively, optimize your ordering and clinic dispense workflows, and more.
Watch the video to  learn more about the benefits of PODIS Plus
  • Get fully integrated product ordering with multi-vendor options.
  • Easily account for every patient treatment, including charity care and specialty pharmacy.
  • Give the right drug to the right patient at the right time with enhanced patient level alerts.
  • Run robust financial reports using your inventory and practice management data.


Simplify your everyday processes with our advanced, versatile, and intuitive inventory management system, CubixxMD. With pre-tagged pharmaceuticals individually serialized and lot tracked, you’ll always have a handle on where your supply resides in the product-to-patient journey.

  • Flexibly receive and dispense product with locked cabinet, desktop and mobile dispense options.
  • Get tighter oversight on compliance.
  • Perfect for vision practices of all types and sizes, regardless of their infrastructures. CubixxMD can even function without any practice management system integration.


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Want to learn how our inventory management solutions can support your practice and optimize your profitability, lightening your workload in the process? We can help uncover which tool is best for you. Fill out the form below, or call us at 800.543.2111.