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Confidence in your logistics performance is vital

For clinical trial logistics, trust World Courier

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The True Cost of Logistics Failures 

Confidence in your logistics performance is vital. The high-stakes nature of this market and the consequences of accepting anything less than a non-excursion rate of 99.9% are great. A small boost in percentage points delivers big changes in performance, with the difference becoming more evident as the number of shipments increase. 

Learn more about how logistics providers’ non-excursion rates impact real-world performance and how much this could cost your organization in dollar terms.


Whitepaper: Direct-to-Patient - Navigating a post pandemic world

Under the current circumstances, if pharmaceutical companies are to maintain existing trials – or satisfactorily recruit for new trials – they must consider adopting decentralized models, delivering treatment Direct-to-Patient (DtP), gathering data from participants’ homes. 
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Whitepaper: Harnessing the power of adaptation   

Discover how adaptive design can support the success of complex clinical trials in this white paper, put together with our partners at Xcenda, where we assess the benefits and risks associated with adaptive design and look at the learnings we can take from this approach. 


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How different performance rates during transport affect quality, patient experience and cost-efficiency

Improving supply chain performance to increase cost saving

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Discover why calculating the cost of quality should be central to any supply chain planning.
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                                                                                       Protecting Your Supply Chain 

Article: Measure the True Cost of Logistics Failures to your Biopharma Supply Chain

Learn why the biopharmaceutical industry is undergoing a shift to a more patient-centric approach.
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Infographic: How World Courier Mitigates Risks to Minimize Incidents

In this infographic, we demonstrate the 12 steps for international air shipments, identify potential risks in the supply chain and illustrate how World Courier works to avoid them.

Article: How World Courier Mitigates Risk In The Biopharma Supply Chain

With global disruptions and requirement for continuity of supply, ensuring confidence in your supply chain has never been more critical. 
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Live Webinar - How to Calculate the True Cost of Failure

In this webinar, World Courier shares insights on the high-stakes nature of this market and the consequences of accepting anything less than a non-excursion rate of 99.9%.

                                                                                   Latest Insights

Webinar on-demand: DtP - The Future of Clinical Trials?

To help our customers work in the changing landscape of COVID-19, we’ve been researching how organizations have adapted their approach and how they believe practices will change moving forwards. During this webinar, we present the results.
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Whitepaper: The Disruption of the Audit Process during COVID-19

In response to the impact of COVID-19, organizations across all industries are re-thinking processes and establishing creative solutions. A core focus is on maintaining continuity of medical supply.

Webinar on-demand: Transforming Clinical Trials Through Direct-to-Patient Solutions

In light of the rapid evolution of the situation in Europe and globally, due to the dynamic nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, the enablement of at home clinical trials and specialty delivery programs is now critical.

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