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At World Courier, you’ll be an industry leader, reaching across the world to help our customers advance global health. We’re seeking candidates who share our drive to develop unsurpassed knowledge in the specialty logistics space as we transport the products that will shape tomorrow.

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Here are some of the functions you could support


Responsible for maintaining our commitments to our customers, our drivers, brokers, customs experts, logistics specialists and dispatchers help ensure that all our orders arrive on time and fit for use.

Quality Assurance

When transporting pharmaceuticals, ensuring product integrity isn’t just about protecting our customers’ investment—it’s about protecting patients’ lives. Our quality assurance team helps maintain regulatory compliance and product safety through the business.

Customer Service

In a business built on trust, our customer service group is responsible for partnering with our customers to develop a complete understanding of—and alignment with—their business goals.


Our sales team maintains close relationships with our customers to ensure we are prepared to meet their current and future requirements, and that we remain their preferred choice for all their logistics needs.

Clinical Services

The associates at our investigational drug depots support the clinical trial process by ensuring product safety and operational efficiency, driving better business outcomes, and ultimately improving global health and enhancing patient care.

Support Functions

Associates across our finance, IT, legal, human resources and marketing teams provide the support and expert guidance that enable our operations and other client-facing teams to run our business effectively.

"I wanted to work for a leader—an innovator in the products and services they provided. With World Courier, it was love at first sight."