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Transport Security in an ever changing world

12 June 3PM London/10AM New York

Considering regulatory requirements across the globe
to maintain integrity of the supply chain

Cargo theft is nothing new. Since goods have been shipped there have been those ready to take advantage. Theft from the transport chain is often considered a silent crime, victimless, with only the insurers being inconvenienced. The theft of pharmaceutical supplies affects the industry in ways beyond the bottom line with patient safety threatened by counterfeit and badly handled supplies. Global regulators are cognisant that pharmaceutical shipments are amongst the most attractive cargos to be targeted due to high perceived values, a shortage of some drugs in the legitimate market, and the attentions of global organised crime.

In this joint presentation World Courier's Sue Lee and Jason Breakwell Director of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) will discuss the problem, and how it affects the supply chain and ultimately the patient. They will also consider the regulatory requirements particularly in line with the Falsified Medicines Directive and ePedigree legislation.

  • What are the dangers inherent in shipping between international markets
  • What options are available for safe and secure international transport of clinical and commercial product
  • How to ensure security, in line with regulatory requirements including the GDP directive and the falsified medicines directive
  • What strategies to adopt for the ultimate risk minimisation

The ever evolving requirements and challenges require the pharma industry to enact real change in the distribution of pharmaceutical supplies. This webinar will address these issues. The experienced speakers will guide you through the salient points and considerations when dealing with the challenges faced today.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Seeing at a safe distance the impact that cargo theft can have on the supply chain
  • Discovering what technology is available and how it can be used to ensure an unbroken supply chain
  • Gaining clarity on the regulations currently in place, including modal transport requirements
  • Understanding what questions to ask of a logistics provider to ensure that materials stay safe

Sue Lee
Technical Portfolio Manager -
World Courier
Jason Breakwell
Director -