Speakers: Martin Pohle & Brian Smith

14.00 UTC 15.00 BST 10.00 EDT

With Just-In-Time manufacturing and parts originating from half a world away, delays can easily cause a production line stoppage. With outages leading to loss of potential revenue and contract penalties, your reputation can be seriously affected.

Optimal routing selection, permits, governmental and security requirements and customs clearances can all play a factor in the success or further delay of getting things up and running once again.  In these scenarios it is critically important to align yourself with a partner who has an intimate knowledge of your business challenges. They must create a transportation solution which mitigates risk and provides the quickest transit times through a variety of transportation methods (including next flight out, direct drive, charter and handcarry).

In this webinar you will find out more about:

  • What delivery solutions will provide the shortest possible transit time and optimized routings on qualified lanes
  • How personnel are trained to handle these high-value emergency parts
  • Why specialty logistics compliance with quality management standards and expert knowledge of customs regulations can help you avoid the risk of shipment delays

World Courier’s experts share their knowledge with you and discuss how an emergency parts logistics partner can help you realize quicker resolutions to shutdown situations while avoiding costly penalties.

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Webinar Objectives

1. Discover what requirements specialty logistics need to adhere to in demanding and complex landscapes

2. Explore how fundamental logistics activities can mitigate the looming dangers for EPL

3. Identify how to avoid logistics challenges before they arise

Martin Pohle
Martin Pohle
Branch Manager, Germany
World Courier

Martin Pohle is a in industry expert and manager in specialty logistics for Pharmaceutics, Semiconductor, Automotive and the Life Sciences. Since 2012 he serves as Branch Manager and leads the Leipzig and Berlin branches of World Courier. At World Courier, he is active in global CRO logistics business and is actively involved shaping World Couriers Cell & Gene Therapy service offerings. Martin is also an active speaker for topics such as Innovative Clinical Trial Design and Good Distribution Practices. Before joining World Courier, Martin served at Medways, a medical technology and Life Science consulting firm. After acquiring a 3-year follow-on funding from the State of Thuringia in early 2009, Martin Pohle became Head of the Biotechnology consultancy practice at Medways. He was active in generating, developing and funding technology transfer opportunities in Biopharma and medical instrumentation across Germany.  In 2009, Martin Pohle co-founded a global innovation management consultancy located in Berlin, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Dubai (VAE). Serving as Chief Operating Officer, he oversaw project management and corporate finance projects across various industries such as Life Sciences, Renewable Energies and Information Technology.

From 2007-2008 he worked as Project Manager at BMD Life Sciences, a Life-Science consultancy focused on Technology Cluster Management, where he successfully founded the Cluster Biotechnologie - Life-Sciences Central Germany.

Brian Smith
Brian Smith
National Operations Manager
World Courier Canada

Brian has been with World Courier for more than 13 years. During this time he has spearheaded a transformation of  the handling of emergency parts by World Courier in Canada and throughout the world.  As Canada's Operations Manager (since 2008) he has developed both operational and customer service protocols which harness the World Courier ‘no holds barred approach’ to foster customer communication and satisfaction.  

Leveraging World Courier's global network in order to transport shipments for all industries including but not limited to aerospace, oil & gas and automotive has given Brian an understanding of the sensitive nature of these shipments.  Specializing in customer interactions, Brian has created multiple communication protocols for the emergency parts logistics industry which have transformed into industry standards.

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