10 Tips for Contingency Planning and Crisis Preparation

Published: Nov 8, 2016
Turning "Oh no" into "No problem."

Contingency planning is more than focusing on big international events with intercontinental travel — it’s equally important to consider smaller and more local issues. Based on World Courier’s collective experience, this white paper shares 10 best practices to consider when developing your own contingency plan.

This white paper will discuss:

  • Where to begin with your contingency plan
  • Questions to ask
  • Steps before and after planning 
Sue Lee
Sue Lee
Technical Portfolio Manager
World Courier

With her career at World Courier spanning more than 25 years, Sue Lee has served in a variety of customer service and operational functions, including in the establishment of numerous multinational clinical studies and in the transportation of biological samples and pharmaceutical supplies to a host of challenging locations. In her current role, Lee oversees the delivery of pertinent technical information and updates on the latest industry developments.