Six Steps for Reducing the Risks of Temperature Excursion

Published: May 10, 2017
The Key to Avoiding Temperature Excursions.

Any temperature excursion can prove detrimental to the shipment — and ultimately to the clinical trial. How can companies determine their risks and plan strategy accordingly? This article discusses the key to avoiding temperature excursions and then planning for the most common challenges.   

This article will discuss:

  • The airline's role in temperature controlled shipping
  • Selecting and testing the correct packaging
  • Choosing the correct technology
  • Compliance with GxP guidelines
  • The importance of the correct documentation
  • Exploring ground transport options
Sue Lee
Sue Lee
Technical Portfolio Manager
World Courier

With her career at World Courier spanning more than 25 years, Sue Lee has served in a variety of customer service and operational functions, including in the establishment of numerous multinational clinical studies and in the transportation of biological samples and pharmaceutical supplies to a host of challenging locations. In her current role, Lee oversees the delivery of pertinent technical information and updates on the latest industry developments.