How to maintain the integrity of your supply chain

Published: Jun 12, 2017
The Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs

The cost and negative impact of counterfeit drugs is staggering. Patients are deprived of treatment and harmed — and the public loses confidence in companies. How can pharmaceutical professionals ensure their organisations and the patients they serve are not impacted by counterfeit drugs?   

This article will discuss:

  • Identifying high-risk shipments
  • Questions to consider prior to shipping
  • Tightening the supply chain
  • Supply chain compliance
Sue Lee
Sue Lee
Technical Portfolio Manager
World Courier

With her career at World Courier spanning more than 25 years, Sue Lee has served in a variety of customer service and operational functions, including in the establishment of numerous multinational clinical studies and in the transportation of biological samples and pharmaceutical supplies to a host of challenging locations. In her current role, Lee oversees the delivery of pertinent technical information and updates on the latest industry developments.